Episode Guide

Season 1*

Episode 101 – Commitment Issues

In this episode, the ladies discuss commitment – lesbian-style. They share stories about moving in together too quickly, lesbian bed death and how you fix it.

Episode 101B – Dating In The Internet Age

The ladies of Cherry Bomb tackle navigating online dating, MySpace stalking, and the challenges of monogamy in a cell phone-centric world.

Episode 102 – Coming Out

This week's episode of Cherry Bomb is all about coming out. The ladies discuss their giddy lesbian adolescence, the mistakes, the gossip, the rules, and who, what, and when to tell. And in this week's question, the women tackle a workplace crush, and the straight girl flirt.

Episode 103 – Gender Roles, Part 1

This week on Cherry Bomb, Dalila, Gloria, Nikki, and Tatum talk gender roles — do they really matter when it comes to the bedroom? The ladies also delve into the meanings of masculine vs. feminine, and terms like "Stone Cold Butch" and "Pillow Princess." And this week's question spurs a discussion on what to do when your partner is still in the closet.

Episode 104 – Deal Breakers

This week on Cherry Bomb, the women discuss the things they simply won't put up with from a prospective partner. For some, it's smoking; for others, it's the lack of shaving, PDAs or even curly hair. From the superficial to core values, what are the deal breakers that make you say yes or no to dating someone? And in this week’s question, what to do when your partner is taking advantage of you financially?

Episode 105 – Playa Please

This week on Cherry Bomb the ladies explore the mysteries of the lesbian "playa". They discuss how to spot a player, how to be a player and if you’re interested… how to tame one. The player may have a certain allure but is it worth it in the long run? In this week’s question, the women tackle what to do when no one likes your girlfriend.

Episode 106 – The Polys

This week the Cherry Bomb women break down the definitions, difficulties and desires of the poly or "open" relationship. An often-controversial topic, the open relationship is out of the question for some and a way of life for others — but always a communication challenge to say the least. Can monogamous couples go poly and vice versa? And in this week's question, the ladies answer the question that every lesbian dreads being asked.

Episode 107 – The EX Factor

This week the Cherry Bomb ladies talk about the relationship after the break-up. Do you stay friends with your exes after the relationship is over? Do you want them to be happy or miserable without you? Do you come back for support, movie dates, or sex? And in this week's question, what to do when you're friends with all your exes and your girlfriend isn't happy about it.

Episode 108 – Green Light Go

How do you know if you’re free to make a move on a girl? The ladies of Cherry Bomb discuss the signals to watch out for if a girl is giving you "the green light," and how to tell if it's just coffee or a date.  The girls share stories of misunderstood first dates and friends that made a move. And in this week’s question, what to do when you want to meet your girlfriend’s family but you’re not invited?

Episode 109 – Taboos

Do you let differing views on religion and politics affect your choices in the bedroom? There are two things you don't discuss in polite company — religion and politics — but in relationships where do you draw the line?  From Catholic guilt to the voting booth, the ladies of Cherry Bomb discuss how to deal. And this week’s question, how to tackle spontaneous Lesbian Bed Death after 20 years of a good thing?

Episode 110 – Gender Roles, Part 2

This week the ladies of Cherry Bomb continue the debate on how gender roles show up in their relationships, and where they feel they fall on the on the masculine/feminine scale. Does the outside appearance match the how they feel on the inside? And in this week's question, what do you do when your girlfriend spends her nights in Internet chat rooms instead of talking to you?

Episode 111 – Urge To Merge

This week the ladies of Cherry Bomb welcome Lee Friedlander to the couch for a glass of wine and some juicy girl talk. Lee is the director and producer of Exes & Ohs as well as many other lesbian themed programs. This week’s topic, how does life change after you move in together? The girls tackle sleeping naked, joint grocery shopping and much more! And in this week’s question, how to approach a girl when you’re shy?

Episode 112 – Meet The Parents

In this week’s episode of Cherry Bomb, the ladies cover a topic every lesbian will face sooner or later: When is it time to take your girlfriend home to meet the parents? So many scenarios, so little time, but the women tell their stories and share their mother’s grief or relief when the truth comes out, so to speak And in this week’s question: What if a femme girl wants to show her stud side?

Episode 113 – Bi-Sexual Hurtle, Part 1

This week the ladies of Cherry Bomb explore the topic of bisexuality in the lesbian community. Where does the “B” in LGBT fit in? And why is there often a negative stereotype related to the term? Tatum has a theory… And in this week's question how do you make a long distance relationship work? Can you?

Episode 114 – Fuzzy Friendships

This week on Cherry Bomb, comedian Bridget McManus of ‘Brunch with Bridget’ joins the ladies on the couch. The women tackle the topic of fuzzy friendships: Is it healthy to be friends with your exes? Do you mind if your girlfriend is a still friend with her exes? It can bring drama to even the most stable of relationships. And in this week's question, the women discuss the use of dental dams and safe sex among lesbians.

Episode 115 – Bi-Sexual Hurtle, Part 2

This week, the ladies of Cherry Bomb discuss the definition of a "Gold Star lesbian" and continue the ever-popular topic of bisexuality within the community. The girls weigh in on stereotypes such as greed, promiscuity and whether or not a bisexual woman is satisfied being with just one sex. The conversation leads Gloria to a break through moment! And this week's question: What's the right safe sex question to ask a new partner in bed?

Episode 116 – Cubs & Cougars

This week on Cherry Bomb, the girls take a closer look at one of their previous questions of the week: Dating outside your age range. Who's chasing whom these days? Are younger women looking for older, more stable women for relationships; or are older women looking for younger girls to keep that fountain of youth? And for the question of the week, the ladies talk about dressing your style and ignoring the haters.

Episode 117 – Too Straight To Date

This week, the ladies of Cherry Bomb chat about why lesbians sometimes find themselves chasing the unattainable the ever-elusive girls who call themselves straight. Does it always lead to heartbreak or are they sometimes lesbians in hiding? Ad in this week's question, the ladies discuss the art of the flirt and keeping the romance going in your relationship.

Episode 118 – Safer Sex

This week, the ladies get down and dirty and debate about the myths and realities of safe sex in the community. How do you ask someone if they're all good “down there”? Everybody says they know what they should do, but what’s really happening? And this week's question: What really makes you a lesbian?

Episode 119 – Getting There

This week on Cherry Bomb, the women discuss what it takes to get "there" — sexual satisfaction. Which of the ladies fake? What are their turn-ons and turn-offs? The ladies get raw and honest about their personal preferences. And in this week's question, what happens when you and your best friend are always into the same girl?

Episode 120 – Gay Marriage

This week, the women of Cherry Bomb welcome lawyer Chris Wilson to get the real story behind gay marriage in the US. Gays want the right to marry just like opposite sex couples, but what do you really get with that piece of paper? You may be surprised how few rights are "equal" when it comes to the current state of gay marriage. And in this week’s surprise question: How do you deal with the issue of bringing an interracial baby home to your family?

Episode 121 – Race & Dating

This week on Cherry Bomb, the women take a look at interracial dating.  What are the special issues that come up in this scenario and how do couples work through it? Does one partner ever fully understand the other? And in this week’s question, the ladies discus how to make the first move.

Episode 122 – Long Distance Relationships

This week on Cherry Bomb, the women welcome Arlan Hamilton of Interlude Magazine and Your Daily Lesbian Moment blog. Arlan hops in the hot seat to talk about the LDR: Long Distance Relationship. Also, the ladies oblige Arlan’s request for the first ever nude episode of Cherry Bomb (kind of). And in this week’s question, how long do you wait to consummate?

Episode 123 – Dykeotomy

It's the first man to ever sit in hot seat on Cherry Bomb, but he's gay so it's OK. The women interview Logan Alexander and Hope Wood about their new photography book, Dykeotomy. We find out what the project is all about and get to see the Cherry Bomb ladies in their own photo shoot. Also, comedian and Dykeotomy model Jackie Jones sits in to answer a very difficult sex question about ‘faking it’.

Episode 124 – The Break Up

In the Season One finale of Cherry Bomb, the ladies talk about trauma and drama of breaking up. They welcome Charlene Borja from Logo’s Gimme Sugar to talk about how to move past a break up and get back on track, or go to therapy — whichever works. And in this week's question, a viewer asks the ladies, what do you consider cheating?


Season 2*

Episode 201 – Serial Monogamy

Season 2 of Cherry Bomb takes off running, with special guest Michelle Wolff (Dante's Cove, Mango Kiss) and a discussion about serial monogamy. Dalila, Nikki, Gloria, and Tatum discuss back to back, or overlapping relationships. How do you give yourself the space to follow the 6 month rule, or do you need to? And this week’s question, your girl likes it rough and you like a gentler touch, can the ladies help this couple get their sex life back on track?

Episode 202 – The Lesbian Scene

On this week’s Cherry Bomb, the ladies welcome Amanda Deibert of the web series FEED to discuss finding "the scene" in your area. And in this week’s question, the women discuss dating someone going through the transgender transition and defining your own sexuality throughout the relationship.

Episode 203 – Valentine’s Day

The ladies of Cherry Bomb give fun and inexpensive ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with your partner or friends if you’re single on the day. What do you do if you and your partner aren’t on the same page when it comes to celebrating the holiday? In this week’s question, how do you celebrate the first Valentine’s Day for you and your new love?

Episode 204 – Living With Your Ex

The ladies welcome celesbian Jill Bennett to the couch to dig into this week’s topic, living with your ex-girlfriend. Sounds like a crazy idea but it happens more than you’d think for financial reasons or other life circumstances. Jill tells the girls about her pre-live-in contract, dividing the friends, the pets, and everything else. In this week’s question, how to tell your family you’re not Bi but really a lesbian.

Episode 205 – A Game Of Truth Or Truth

The girls are in their PJs in this week’s episode of Cherry Bomb. It’s a slumber party game of Truth or Truth, where the women answer questions from viewers and a few thrown in from their devious director just for fun. Watch and laugh as the girls are cornered with questions like: "What’s your worst sexual experience?" to "Have you ever considered being a stripper?"

Episode 206 – Race, Religion & Marriage

This week, the women of Cherry Bomb attempt to answer what the fight for gay marriage rights in California and other states has taught us about the role of religion and race within the community. Anne Marie Williams from the Jordan Rustin Coalition comes to the couch to discuss marriage education, Mormons and coming out to your church community. And in this week’s surprise question: Does race really play a part in the lesbian and bisexual community?

Episode 207 – What’s Up Down There?

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies are schooled on the fine art of sexual health from Precious Stallworth, a sex educator from the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. What do the "gold stars" need to know? Is an orgasm actually good for the soul? And where do you find gay or lesbian doctors in your community?

Episode 208 – Cheating, Part 1

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies dive into cheating. Do you forgive and forget? How do you define cheating? Do you know it when you see it?  Do you give a "pass" if you or your partner is tipsy? And how do you identify a cheater? And in this week’s question: Can you be bi and a virgin?

Episode 209 – Cheating, Part 2 (Cheating vs. Crushing)

This week on Cherry Bomb, the conversation gets heated when the women continue their discussion on cheating. What do you and your partner consider cheating? The definition is different for everyone and in this case the ladies are not always on the same page. And in this week's question: What happens when you grow up and your partner doesn’t?

Episode 210 – Settling In Your Relationship

Do you ever find yourself settling for the person you’re with out of convenience or comfort? The ladies of Cherry Bomb welcome Latina comedian Sandra Valls to the couch this week to discuss settling. What’s the difference between uncomfortable and unacceptable in a relationship? Do you stick it out even when there’s no Spark left?  Also this week: What to do bringing a partner home to meet your family for the first time.

Episode 211 – Family Baggage

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies discuss the issues that we bring into our relationships that were passed onto us from our parents. From mommy issues to daddy issues, finding the good stuff and leaving the bad behind. And when is it parental programming, or just you?  And in this week’s question: How do you know when someone likes you back or just likes being liked?

Episode 212 – Truth Or Truth, Part 2 (Live At Dinah)

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies welcome Suzanne Westenhoefer as their special guest! It’s "Truth or Truth Part II" with a live audience at the Dinah Shore event in Palm Springs.  Suzanne admits to having pancakes with Dalila’s girlfriend and shaving that special area for a special someone.  Also, in our live question from our audience member, how to approach your Dinah crush with an interesting request?

Episode 213 – The First Time (Live At Dinah)

In the second episode recorded live at The Dinah Shore Weekend, the ladies dish the dirt on "The First Time" with Mariah Hanson of Club Skirts.  How did it all go down for each of the girls: the first time having sex with either sex, the first time in love.  And in this week’s live question from an audience member, the ladies discuss dating women with children, bringing children into the community and finding places that welcome the whole family.

Episode 214 – Loving Too Much

Unrequited love — you love them, they don’t feel quite the same about you. Why do we chase after women we can’t have? Is pining away for someone a waste of time? Do you miss someone really good while you’re distracted by someone you can’t have?  This week's question: How important is passion in every relationship?

Episode 215 – Dating Women With Children

The allure of the MILF — what are the issues dating women with children? Respecting parenting styles, pre-made families, and sharing custody with the ex are all things to consider. How does each of the Cherry Bomb women feel about having kids or more kids and what kind of "mommies" are they looking for?  Also, the ladies get the strangest question they have ever received.

Episode 216 – Obsession With Your Ex

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies discuss when an obsession becomes unhealthy.  Keeping track of your ex is one thing, but giving them all your energy can really drain the soul. Are there more cases of unhealthy obsession within the lesbian community, and can obsession ever lead to giving the relationship another try?  Also this week: PDAs (Public Displays of Affection) rear their heads again, and this time it leads to hurt feelings for a viewer as the ladies take a pretty tough stance.

Episode 217 – Sex Play

In the season two finale of Cherry Bomb, the most risqué show the ladies have ever done! They welcome Sarah Tomchesson, a sexual enhancement expert, to the couch this week and she’s brought a ton of toys to show the women.  There are fun toy demonstrations, lube lessons and the girls dress up for the occasion with a little leather, lace and feathers. 


Season 3

Episode 301 – You Call That Sex?

In the Season 3 premiere of Cherry Bomb, the ladies welcome Andrea Meyerson to the couch to talk about one of their favorite topics. Friends and strangers alike seem to think it’s fine to ask, "So what do you do in bed?" when they find out you’re a lesbian. The ladies discuss what they consider sex and Andrea invites them to a special women’s weekend getaway. And this week’s surprise question:, How do you ask for certain things from your partner in the bedroom?

Episode 302 –Jealousy

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies start out with a little faux jealousy but in reality it can be a huge problem in relationships no matter what your sexual orientation. Can a little jealousy spice things up? The ladies talk about some crazy stories they’ve experienced and whether or not jealousy is worse in lesbian relationships than others. And this week's question: How do you know when it’s the right time to move in?

Episode 303 – Gay & Religious

This week on Cherry Bomb, the vloggers discuss if you can be religious and gay at the same time. Ky Dickens, creator/director of the film Fish Out of Water, joins the ladies for this age old debate. The film, which recently premiered out OutFest, breaks down the verses in the Bible that specifically mention homosexuality and that are used to condemn it. The women discuss the misinterpretations of the Bible and how people have used those to justify hate and the right to deny basic human rights.

Episode 304 – Out In The Club

This week on Cherry Bomb, the vloggers welcome Los Angeles lesbian party promoters Linda Fusco of FUSE and Saskia Webber. The women share some of the funniest and craziest stories ever heard on the couches. Also, how to work the line to get into a club, how to have a good time without drama and the possibility of meeting your future wife in the scene.

Episode 305 – First Girl Ever

Being the first girl someone's ever been with can add even more pressure to a starter relationship. Can you afford to "sponsor" a baby-dyke? Does someone new to women need to sew some oats before settling into a relationship? Glo needs a card-carrying established lesbian — how do the other ladies feel about it? And then there are the lesbians that only seem to take on the "first-timers": Their relationships are like lesbian boot camp. What works for you? And in answering this week’s surprise question, the ladies tackle dating issues when you have an STD.

Episode 306 – Is Gay The New Black?

Drawing the comparison between the fight for civil rights for blacks and the fight for equality within the LGBT community. Do some people think the struggle within both communities is similar? Even within the family, is there a sexism issue within the LGBT community gay men vs. lesbians? The vloggers discuss the problems within the Prop. 8 campaign that left out the black community or approached them in a less than affective way to get us all on the same side. And in social settings, why is there such a divergence of race within the scene?

Episode 307 – Following Your Instincts

The ladies of Cherry Bomb nearly fall off the couches with laughter this week as comedian Erin Foley joins in on the topic of following your instincts. The vloggers get off topic a bit with gorilla mating patterns and women with small or large eyes, but then they get to the meat of things. Why don't we listen to our instincts, our gut, and take note of the red flags? Why do we get into relationships with people that our gut tells us are crazy? Do you run to the crazy or duck for cover?

Episode 308 – The One

This week, Cathy DeBuono from the web series We Have to Stop Now joins the ladies for a discussion on The One. Is there such a thing? Is the person you're with The One until the next One shows up? How do you recognize The One when you see it, and what if you thought you found the One and then it goes bad? Also, the vloggers give advice on the topic of discussing your sexuality with your parents when you're a teenager.

Episode 309 – Don't Ask, Don't Tell

This week on Cherry Bomb, the ladies welcome former Army soldier and author of Secret Service — Untold Stories of Lesbians in the Military, Zsa Zsa Gershick to discuss the current state of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy. Zsa Zsa shares her history and experience in the military and what the policy means to those currently serving. Also joining the ladies on the couch are the stars of the new film, A Marine’s Story, Dreya Weber and Paris Pickard who speak on their parts in the film and how Zsa Zsa's book was influential in their research for the roles.

Episode 310 – The Butch Mystique, Part 1

This week on Cherry Bomb, the vloggers begin a three part series on The Butch Mystique. The title is a shout out to the film of the same name by Debra A. Wilson. Friend Tyler Starrine joins the women to discuss the younger generation of today's "butches," including what it's like to be mistaken for a man.

Episode 311 – The Butch Mystique, Part 2

This week, the vloggers continue their three part series on the Butch Mystique with our friend Vallerie Wagner taking a seat on the couch to tackle butch identity as it relates to race. How does the butch/femme dynamic play out across racial lines?

Episode 312 – Back Burner Relationships

This week on Cherry Bomb, the women discuss the “Back Burner Relationship." Who is in the wings, just waiting for your girlfriend to screw up and swoop in? Or is there someone you secretly think of as a possibility for a relationship just in case this one doesn’t work out? Anyone But Me's Nicole Pacent and Rachael Hip Flores join in the discussion.

Episode 313 – Living Out Loud

How out can you be in your community? The vloggers discuss being gay in a conservative area or in places that are generally not accepting of an openly gay lifestyle, and staying true to yourself while being safe at the same time. Meghan Hall from The Sweet Adventures of Nat and Meg join in to talk about her experiences on being gay in the South.

Episode 314 – Dating Someone In The Closet

This week, the ladies of Cherry Bomb welcome their friend and producer/director Mel Robertson to the couches to talk about the pitfalls and positives of dating someone who's still in the closet. Mel lets us in on the details for her upcoming film, Queens of the World, a coming of age, lesbian love story within the world of women’s professional soccer. And the surprise question of the week: What if a straight girl has a crush on you? Do you try to bring her to the other side of the fence?

Episode 315 – The Butch Mystique, Part 3

On this week's episode of Cherry Bomb, the vloggers are joined by friend and crew member Rosie Sennett for the third installment of "The Butch Mystique." Rosie discusses her coming out and the past and present struggles of butches in society. This week's question: Should you tell your partners the truth when dating both men and women?

Episode 316 – The Gay & Lesbian Divide

Gay Men and Lesbians: How do they come together for the cause of equality? The ladies welcome actor and comedian Jason Stuart to the couch to share the boys' side of things and the girls end up rolling with laughter. This week’s question: How do you stay away from the "bad girls"?

Episode 317 – It's All In The Stars

This week, the ladies of Cherry Bomb welcome Dani Campbell as their special guest in the first of two episodes shot on the Sweet Cruise. Dani squashes some rumors, discusses Tila Tequila’s change of heart and joins in on the Star sign debate this week. Does Astrology really affect your relationships and should you choose your partner based on your star signs? And in this week’s question, an audience member asks how the new wave of gay and lesbian films has affected a younger generation coming out.

Episode 318 – Dating Out Of Your League

This week, the Cherry Bomb ladies welcome Doria Biddle of The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Radio to discuss dating out of your league. Do you put yourself in the same league as others do? And in this week’s question from an audience member: What if you fall in love with someone and it happens to be a woman — are you gay or did you make a choice?

Episode 319 – Pushing Your Buttons

In the third season finale, the ladies welcome butch actress Skyler Cooper from the upcoming film The Owls (Older Wiser Lesbians) by Cheryl Dunye. This week’s topic: Pushing your buttons. What are your emotional triggers and is your partner pushing them? How do you communicate your buttons and work through those issues?


*Seasons 1 & 2 are no longer available for online viewing.